Mini,Repair,Plus,/Cana1782188.html,Parts,Electronics , Computers Accessories,for,Replacement,,Glass,LCD,D,4,iPad,Screen,$122 Repair Parts Plus for iPad Mini D 4 Screen OFFicial shop Replacement LCD Glass $122 Repair Parts Plus for iPad Mini 4 Screen Replacement LCD Glass D Electronics Computers Accessories Repair Parts Plus for iPad Mini D 4 Screen OFFicial shop Replacement LCD Glass $122 Repair Parts Plus for iPad Mini 4 Screen Replacement LCD Glass D Electronics Computers Accessories Mini,Repair,Plus,/Cana1782188.html,Parts,Electronics , Computers Accessories,for,Replacement,,Glass,LCD,D,4,iPad,Screen,$122

Repair Parts Tulsa Mall Plus for iPad Mini D 4 Screen OFFicial shop Replacement LCD Glass

Repair Parts Plus for iPad Mini 4 Screen Replacement LCD Glass D


Repair Parts Plus for iPad Mini 4 Screen Replacement LCD Glass D

Product description


Why us?
RepairPartsPlus is the best place to purchase high quality parts for your phone and tablet. RepairPartsPlus is a trusted U.S. Seller with over 16 years in business and 36,800 5-star reviews. If you have any questions or issues installing your new screen feel free to contact us, we have trained staff and guides to help! We have included everything to make sure you have a successful, hassle-free repair!

Give your iPad a new life and save!
Breaking your iPad screen is sure to ruin your day. Replace your broken screen in under an hour with a premium iPad Mini 4 Screen Replacement Kit from RepairPartsPlus. Fixes touch issues, display problems, dead pixels, cracked screen or dead screen. Each high quality, factory tested screen comes already pre-assembled for an easier repair.

Compatible with iPad Mini 4 (7.9-inch) models A1538 | A1550 (Carefully check model number on back of device - Not compatible with iPad 4 larger iPad)

iPad Mini 4 Screen Replacement LCD and Glass Digitizer Premium Kit includes:
(1) Brand new, factory tested LCD Screen with Glass Touch Digitizer (Pre-assembled)
(1) Pre-installed Strong Adhesive to securely seal after repair
(1) Premium Phillips Screwdriver
(1) Nylon Wedge Spudger (ideal for separating pressure-fit components without causing damage)
(1) Angled Tweezers (invaluable for picking up small screws amp; items, as well as plucking eyebrows)
(1) Premium Easy Opening Tool (must-have)
(4) Pry Picks
(1) Adhesive Removal Pad/Alcohol Swab Pad
(1) Cleaning Cloth

* NO SOLDERING required as pre-assembled*
* A heating source, such as a hair dryer or heat gun, is recommended to loosen adhesive to open up device *
* Tool kits may vary in color, size and shape*
* Home button not included *

Repair Parts Plus for iPad Mini 4 Screen Replacement LCD Glass D

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