Aviditi White Literature Mailing Boxes 12 4 8 1 x Inche Product 9 $40 Aviditi White Literature Mailing Boxes, 12 1/8 x 9 1/4 x 1 Inche Office Products Office School Supplies White,Inche,1,9,12,$40,Literature,Mailing,x,1/8,Boxes,,/accordion1622376.html,Aviditi,x,www.slovenskyklub.sk,1/4,Office Products , Office School Supplies $40 Aviditi White Literature Mailing Boxes, 12 1/8 x 9 1/4 x 1 Inche Office Products Office School Supplies Aviditi White Literature Mailing Boxes 12 4 8 1 x Inche Product 9 White,Inche,1,9,12,$40,Literature,Mailing,x,1/8,Boxes,,/accordion1622376.html,Aviditi,x,www.slovenskyklub.sk,1/4,Office Products , Office School Supplies

Aviditi White Literature Mailing Boxes Outlet sale feature 12 4 8 1 x Inche Product 9

Aviditi White Literature Mailing Boxes, 12 1/8 x 9 1/4 x 1 Inche


Aviditi White Literature Mailing Boxes, 12 1/8 x 9 1/4 x 1 Inche

From the manufacturer

Corrugated Cardboard Boxes for Packing, Mailing, Shipping, and Storage
Corrugated Boxes Corrugated Box Mailers Literature Mailers Deluxe Literature Mailers Easy-Fold Mailers
Corrugated Boxes Corrugated Box Mailers Literature Mailers Deluxe Literature Mailers Easy-Fold Mailers
Application Shipping, mailing, storing and packing small items Shipping small, lightweight fragile items Shipping documents, books, stationery and catalogs Shipping important documents, books, catalogs, photos and clothing Shipping artwork, books, frames and reports
Construction 200#/ECT-32, kraft corrugated 200#/ECT-32, kraft corrugated 200#/ECT-32, kraft corrugated 200#/ECT-32, kraft corrugated 200#/ECT-32, kraft corrugated
Flute C B B B B
Assembly Type Tape Fold Fold Fold Tape
6 Pack Box Tape 12 Pack Box Tape 18 Pack Box Tape 36 Pack Box Tape Box Tape Dispenser
Tape Logic 6 Pack Box Tape Tape Logic 12 Pack Box Tape Tape Logic 18 Pack Box Tape Tape Logic 36 Pack Box Tape Tape Logic Box Tape Dispenser
Pack Size 6 12 18 36 1
Roll Size 2" x 55 yds. 2" x 55 yds. 2" x 55 yds. 2" x 55 yds. Fits 2" Tape Rolls
Mil Thickness 2.6 Mil 2.6 Mil 2.6 Mil 2.6 Mil -
Material Acrylic Acrylic Acrylic Acrylic -
Color Clear Clear Clear Clear -

Aviditi White Literature Mailing Boxes, 12 1/8 x 9 1/4 x 1 Inche

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