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Goldring 2400 Stylet de rechange


Goldring 2400 Stylet de rechange

Product description

Increased resolution is gained for this cartridge by the use of a low-mass, "Vital" shank, nude diamond stylus and tapered aluminum cantilever. This polyhedral, line-contact profile was chosen because it has a very low tip-mass and a large contact area whilst being very narrow from front to back, enabling the accurate retrieval of even the highest frequencies in the recording. The stiff aluminium cantilever resists the establishment of unwanted resonances which are unable to propagate towards the generator due to its tapered shape. The 2400 has a low- resonance aluminium body providing a rigid connection to the tonearm, which improves bass power and clarity. Used with the standard moving magnet phono input of an integrated amplifier.

Goldring 2400 Stylet de rechange

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