$32 Dainty studs Silver ear wrap earrings gift, earcuff earrings, ro Handmade Products Jewelry ro,earcuff,wrap,gift,,earrings,earrings,,$32,/conscionable1622026.html,Handmade Products , Jewelry,studs,Silver,www.slovenskyklub.sk,ear,Dainty Dainty studs Silver ear wrap ro gift NEW before selling ☆ earcuff earrings Dainty studs Silver ear wrap ro gift NEW before selling ☆ earcuff earrings $32 Dainty studs Silver ear wrap earrings gift, earcuff earrings, ro Handmade Products Jewelry ro,earcuff,wrap,gift,,earrings,earrings,,$32,/conscionable1622026.html,Handmade Products , Jewelry,studs,Silver,www.slovenskyklub.sk,ear,Dainty

Dainty studs Silver ear wrap ro gift NEW before selling ☆ earcuff New York Mall earrings

Dainty studs Silver ear wrap earrings gift, earcuff earrings, ro


Dainty studs Silver ear wrap earrings gift, earcuff earrings, ro

✈️GET IT FAST! Free shipping amp; delivery in 3 business days to all USA by DHL!

2 pieces of totally handmade ruffled 925 solid sterling silver ear cuffs. No piercing required.

The minimum purchase is for 2 pieces for $29. You can use the drop down list to buy more for a better price

Available in plain sterling silver, 24K yellow or 18K rose gold plated over the sterling silver body. Please use the drop down list to select the color finish you prefer (yellow gold, rose gold or plain silver). If you want to buy various colors just leave me a note

These vermeil ear cuffs for non pierced ears are made of excellent quality materials. They are hypoallergenic amp; nickel free as also tarnish resistant.

⚖Weight: ~1,25gr per item

Ear cuffs are the coolest accessory at the moment! Cuff earrings embrace and flatter your ears, they make them look even more dainty and give you that feminine vibe you want. This earring doesnt require piercing but it creates the illusion of pierced ear by hugging your ear!

?Visit my Amazon shop: www.amazon.com/handmade/emmanuela

? The jewels that you buy on emmanuelaGR are delivered ready to be given as a present! They are are all sent inside an elegant branded gift box, wrapped with a ribbon. Inside the package you will also find a paper bag for every gift box.

Sterling silver parts are plated with rhodium or 24K gold so they don't tarnish and they are more resistant to shocks and distortions. Even the dark parts are plated with black rhodium. This way the need for constant maintenance and polishing is eliminated.

Dainty studs Silver ear wrap earrings gift, earcuff earrings, ro

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