Frame,/helpguideorg/,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,Long,Crash,Protector,Slider,Motorcycle,XKH,Group,$12,,Extended XKH Group Motorcycle Long Extended Protector Slider Crash Frame Direct stock discount XKH Group Motorcycle Long Extended Protector Slider Crash Frame Direct stock discount $12 XKH Group Motorcycle Long Extended Frame Slider Crash Protector Automotive Motorcycle Powersports $12 XKH Group Motorcycle Long Extended Frame Slider Crash Protector Automotive Motorcycle Powersports Frame,/helpguideorg/,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,Long,Crash,Protector,Slider,Motorcycle,XKH,Group,$12,,Extended

XKH Group Motorcycle Long Extended Protector Slider Crash Frame Direct stock Fees free!! discount

XKH Group Motorcycle Long Extended Frame Slider Crash Protector


XKH Group Motorcycle Long Extended Frame Slider Crash Protector

Product description



  • High Quality and Light Weight Frame Sliders (Left amp; Right Sides)

  • Frame sliders help to protect the frame, engine cases and bodywork/fairings to minimize the cost of repair

  • Professional installation is recommended

  • Specifics

  • Quantity: 1 pair

  • Instructions: Not Included

  • Condition: Brand New, Never Used

  • Color: Same as picture show
  • Material: Delrin

  • Quick bullet points about sliders:

  • They are not designed to protect plastics, clipons, or rearsets, even though they might help sometimes.

  • You do not want a slider to stick out too far or it will help flip your bike in a crash by snagging on the ground, curb or anything else.

  • You want delrin or plastic to touch down when you crash as they will grind off and not catch on anything and if hit hard enough or direct enough they will shatter.

  • If your slider shatters, grinds off or bends then it did it's job. You don't want it solid after a crash or it didn't absorb any energy but merely transfered it on to what you bolted it to.

  • When f1 cars hit the side of a track they explode as they don't want the drive to absorb the energy. Frame sliders are the same way. You want them to stay attached but get beat up and take the energy.

  • If the bolt on a frame slider bends that's a good thing as the only other option is to put the energy on the frame or mounting point. Better the bolt bends. Also if it didn't bend it might have flip the bike by snagging something. A mangled frame slider, but still on the bike, did it's job.

  • No cut frame sliders aren't a direct bolt on like cut sliders as they often have a bracket.

  • Fitment:

  • 1991-1998 CBR 600 F2 F3
  • XKH Group Motorcycle Long Extended Frame Slider Crash Protector

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