Lune+Aster Destination Nudes Fresno Mall Global Eyeshadow Edition Palette Nudes,Edition,Beauty Personal Care , Makeup,/knightless1622282.html,Global,Destination,Palette,$40,Eyeshadow,,Lune+Aster $40 Lune+Aster Destination Nudes Global Edition Eyeshadow Palette Beauty Personal Care Makeup $40 Lune+Aster Destination Nudes Global Edition Eyeshadow Palette Beauty Personal Care Makeup Nudes,Edition,Beauty Personal Care , Makeup,/knightless1622282.html,Global,Destination,Palette,$40,Eyeshadow,,Lune+Aster Lune+Aster Destination Nudes Fresno Mall Global Eyeshadow Edition Palette

Lune+Aster Destination Nudes Fresno Mall Global Eyeshadow Houston Mall Edition Palette

Lune+Aster Destination Nudes Global Edition Eyeshadow Palette


Lune+Aster Destination Nudes Global Edition Eyeshadow Palette

Product description

This Eyeshadow Palette offers four easy-to-achieve eye looks using warm and cool-toned nude eyeshadow shades inspired by the rich colors found in iconic cities across the globe. Embrace your inner explorer with this beautiful array of matte, shimmer and pop shades. From subtle daytime looks to stunning evening eyes, this palette is perfect for all occasions, anytime, anywhere!


  • Twelve warm and cool-toned nude shades.
  • Matte, shimmer and pop finishes.
  • Soft, powder formula.
  • Rich color.

Create four gorgeous nude eye looks with these simple steps.

Parisian Morning and Kyoto Garden: Sweep lid shade from lash line to brow bone, then apply crease shade to crease of the eyelid using a backward and forward motion. Finish with the contour shade along the outer corner of the eyelid for added dimension.

Dubai Sunset and Rio Coast: Sweep lid shade from lash line to crease, then apply contour shade along the outer corner of the eyelid. Finish by applying the pop shade to center of eyelids for added dimension.

Beauty Expert Tip: apply wet using a damp brush for higher color payoff or to line eyes.

Lune+Aster Destination Nudes Global Edition Eyeshadow Palette

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